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Candy Slot Machine - Classic Vegas Casino Gambling

4.6 ( 4656 ratings )
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Candy Slot Machine

Gummies and chocolate and bears! Oh, my! No cherries or bells here but this Candy Slot Machine has all the bells and whistles! By combining candy with a slot machine you double down on your fun! Spin the Candy Machine and win big! Bet your credits and spin for the jackpot. If you get the right combination you could win 40 times the amount that you bet on that spin. There are also several other combinations that you could spin that would pay you a lot of credits and sweet, sweet, fun! This game gives a whole new meaning to the word “sweet roll” With its sweet resolution and it highly addictive action, candy machine will satisfy your craving for amusement and make you smile again and again. You will enjoy playing this high action candy striped slot machine for days, weeks and possibly even years. BONUS! It looks like CANDY!!!

Bet one credit or multiple credits. You could bet max and hit the spin button. Match the goodies for a BIG WIN! By matching three candies or getting peppermints on any spin, you win the points that accumulate on your game field “paid” counter.

Spin and win credits. See if you can beat your high score!
Play against your high scores or your friends scores.

This user friendly game with great graphics and easy to use interactive game interface will turn you into a candy spinning high roller in no time. The easy to understand full feature menu will have you on your betting on the slots anytime you like. Roll the candy to increase your “bankroll” With this sweet gaming fun for the whole family!

* 99.9% of all slot machine playing candy eaters interviewed prefer red and white striped candies.

For entertainment use only! No real money is wagered in actual casinos*